About Leasing

Want to Talk Auto Finance?

Trying to decide whether to buy or lease your next vehicle? 
Here's some things to consider when thinking about your options: 
What are you thinking your needs will be like in three years? Do you take good care of your vehicles? Do you tend to keep your mileage low? Do you like to keep vehicles long-term or would you rather upgrade after 3 years?
If you're thinking your needs will be same from now to later, you take good care of your vehicles and keep your mileage low, then maybe leasing is the right way to go!
But how does leasing work?
A car lease lets you drive a new vehicle without paying a large down payment or taking out a loan. You will have to agree to the terms of the lease such as your monthly payment, length of the lease, yearly mileage, etc. and once the term expires you return the vehicle. You don't own your vehicle at the end of your lease but it is possible to buy it after- or upgrade to your next lease!

At Matthews Auto, we are happy to discuss your options if you're considering a lease. Let us help you, today!